Web-based Interactive Visualization for FreeFEM


FreeFEM is a friendly integrated numerical computation software for partial differential equations in 2D and 3D based on the finite element methods. In the present paper, we introduce an intuitive web interface for the visualization of numerical results in 2D calculated by FreeFEM. With our web-based interface, the users can easily access data interactivity and decide what to show on screens and figures on modern browsers such as Edge, Safari, and Chrome. Also, the users can interact with a live render animation for problems with time evolution. We include a lightweight Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) server package in our FreeFEM dynamic loading module written in the programming language C++.


Numerical Simulation, Finite Element Methods, Visualization, Education


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李昱勳 先端数理科学専攻 応用解析学講座 博士3回生

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