Computations of Highly Viscous Newtonian Fluids and Visco-Hyperelastic Solid Bodies with Multi-phase Modeling


Highly viscous Newtonian fluid flows and flows containing visco-hyperelastic bodies are often seen within engineering problems. We simulated two kinds of numerical examples with multi-phase modeling such as (1) Container filling with highly viscous Newtonian Fluids (2) Damping effects of suspended visco-hyperelastic bodies on wave motions of free surface flows.


Our model can simulate the damping effects of the visco-hyperelastic bodies included in the free-surface wave motions, such as can be found in various medical and biological occurences.
Also shown in the final stages of food industry manufacture where containers are filled with highly viscous Newtonian fluid such as honey.


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Niku Guinea 学術情報メディアセンター 計算工学講座 修士1回生
九鬼 愛夢 学術情報メディアセンター 計算工学講座 修士1回生
鳥生 大祐 学術情報メディアセンター 計算工学講座 助教
牛島 省 学術情報メディアセンター 計算工学講座 教授

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