The dc-dc zeta converter robust stabilization


A dc-dc zeta converter is a switch mode dc-dc converter that can either step-up or step-down dc input voltage. In order to regulate the dc output voltage, a control subsystem needs to be deployed for the dc-dc zeta converter. Unlike conventional dc-dc zeta converter control which produces controller based on nominal value model, we proposed a controller that can robustly stabilize the dc-dc zeta converter.


The proposed system can be deployed in electronics equipment which required robust operation due to uncertain input voltage supply such as in energy harvesting system where the weather is uncontrollable and highly uncertain.


氏名 専攻 研究室 役職/学年
Hafez Sarkawi 数理工学専攻 Control System Theor 博士2回生
Yoshito Ohta 数理工学専攻 Control System Theor 教授