Robust Control of Dc-dc Zeta Converter
LMI Based Robust Control of Uncertain Dc-dc Zeta Converter


State-feedback control for the dc-dc zeta converter with parameters uncertainty is investigated. Simulation results are presented to compare the transient responses between conventional controller and the proposed controller. The results show that the proposed controller are better than the conventional controller especially when the parameters are highly uncertain.


The proposed system can be deployed in electronics equipment which required robust operation due to uncertain input voltage supply such as in energy harvesting system where the weather is uncontrollable and highly uncertain.


氏名 専攻 研究室 役職/学年
Sarkawi Hafez 数理工学専攻 Control System Theor 博士1回生
Yoshito Ohta 数理工学専攻 Control System Theor 教授